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Maternity & Paternity Transition Support is all about assisting parents to transition smoothly between career and family. 

Do you feel overwhelmed as a mother? Get help with business and career coach Gabrielle Gleeson

Are you a business and would like to know more about how to support your staff during transition?


It is not uncommon for women in the transition to and from maternity leave to feel a sense of overwhelm. There can be confusion around what options will suit best and anxiety about handing over work efficiently so that things will continue to run smoothly in their absence.


Fatigue due to physical demands and emotional stress can prevail as change is imminent and that’s all before the demands of a new baby come into play.


Maternity coaching provides confidential and objective support for women to transition smoothly from career to motherhood and back. Support strategies and holistic wellness tools ensure you feel empowered and confident during this important time of your life.

Maternity or Parental Transition Coaching provides support in:

  • Holistic wellness for parents

  • Nutrition strategies

  • Establishing a routine to reduce stress and exhaustion

  • Negotiation skills for creating individual maternity leave agreements

  • Planning the hand over of duties before you depart

  • Developing a return to work plan

  • Communication skills to effectively articulate your needs

  • Navigating pregnancy, parenting and career

  • Implementing strategies for self-care

  • Creating a support network

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Maternity Transition Coaching - Review and Recommendation for Gabrielle Gleeson

Yes, I needed to speak with someone about the emotional challenges of taking time out from my career to focus on my family and this avenue provided a safe confidential option."

Gabby was fantastic. She created a relaxed environment where I could openly discuss events and feelings. Gabby listened, provided alternative perspectives, guided me and gave me tools to help me through the transition both mentally and physically.

The coaching is far more than the hour sessions weekly, it is home work, practice, reflection and investigation.  I have come away with a greater understanding of myself, improved communication skills and behavioural awareness.  The tools that I have gained have become tools for life.


I found the Maternity Transition Coaching experience to be hugely rewarding and beneficial not only to myself but my family and colleagues as I was better placed to handle the transition.  I also had goals to help me prepare for my return, to sustain my health and to maintain well being post baby as a new family. - Carrie Rankine, AMP 

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