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Business Coach Recommendation and Review in Sydney

Natalie Kooyman

Mother &

Head of Risk

AMP Capital 

Empowered and inspired are some of the feelings after having worked with Gab. I decided to work with Gab whilst I was on maternity leave for my second child. The initial plan was to help with my transition back to work after my 10 months off.  Little did we know that once we agreed to work together I would get a phone call advising my boss was leaving and I was being considered to be promoted into the role on my return.  We had lots to work through quite quickly and Gab was instrumental in helping me navigate the hard questions I needed to ask of myself and about the new role. 

Our sessions gave me the confidence to decide where I wanted to go and to make decisions based on my needs without feeling guilt. I ended up with some great outcomes from my meetings with my new boss because of this. 


Coaching with Gab was relaxing and enjoyable and more holistic than I thought it would be.  Aside from my career decisions, Gab was also able to pinpoint other areas in my life that needed some attention (particularly in relation to my energy) and provided me with invaluable practical advice on how to achieve change. And I can say….so far so good!


Nicole Lawrence

Mother & External Communications Manager, UNICEF Australia 

Gab helped me renew my professional confidence when I returned to work after having my first child and made me feel empowered to make the right decisions for my career, my family and myself. 


While I went to Gab for career advice, I was surprised by and really enjoyed her holistic approach and how she reminded me that motherhood is a precious gift and to relax and enjoy these early years with my little one.


She encouraged me to take the time to really think more about my purpose and my well-being so I have come away from our sessions with a greater sense of energy and excitement for the future. 

Career Coach Testimonial for Gabrielle Gleeson in Sydney

Carrie Rankine



Yes, I needed to speak with someone about the emotional challenges of taking time out from my career to focus on my family and this avenue provided a safe confidential option.

Gabby was fantastic. She created a relaxed environment where I could openly discuss events and feelings. Gabby listened, provided alternative perspectives, guided me and gave me tools to help me through the transition both mentally and physically.

The coaching is far more than the hour sessions weekly, it is homework, practice, reflection and investigation.  I have come away with a greater understanding of myself, improved communication skills and behavioural awareness.  The tools that I have gained have become tools for life.

I found the Maternity Transition Coaching experience to be hugely rewarding and beneficial not only to myself but my family and colleagues as I was better placed to handle the transition.  I also had goals to help me prepare for my return, to sustain my health and to maintain well-being post-baby as a new family.


Samantha Sevenhuysen

Mother &

Associate Program Director

Eastern Health 

Coaching with Gab was recommended to me by a friend when I was (almost) ready to tackle a big change in my professional life.


I feel so grateful that I took the advice - my career transition has been incredibly successful and I believe I owe a fair bit of that to Gabby. But her impact didn't stop there - Gab's incredible intuition guided me to 'join the dots' between a lot of issues which had been cropping up in my family life, relationships and in my own physical and mental health. Her ability to challenge you whilst being supportive and affirming is pretty amazing.


Gabby has provided me with tailored, practical strategies that I will continue to use for years to come. Her holistic approach has helped me to improve many aspects of my professional and personal life and her passion for helping women find connections is truly inspiring. Thank you Gab!

Matthew Johnstone

Father of 2 

Author, Keynote Speaker, Consultant

I have known Gab for quite some time, as she is one of my wife’s oldest and dearest friends. 

However, she recently helped me navigate a business start-up I’ve been working on. I had never seen the business/coaching side of Gab and she quite honestly blew me away. 

Gab is incredibly passionate, no-nonsense, highly focused and has that special skill set that gets right to the nub of a situation. She is not only a joy to work with but draws upon a wonderful resource of ideas, support and wisdom. 

I could not recommend Gab more highly if you need direction or clarity around an idea, problem or direction. I am also very fortunate to call her friend. 

matt j.png
simone N.jpeg

Working with Gab as both a colleague and client has been a life-changing experience. Professionally she is a courageous and highly competent coach who quickly and clearly sees what needs to be done and takes the appropriate action.


Her approach is highly integrity-based and she genuinely cares about the well being of everyone she works with. She has a way of saying what needs to be said in a highly empathetic way.


She is a person of great emotional intelligence and her recent coaching had an extremely positive impact on me and the outcomes I was seeking quickly followed.

Simone Novello

Mother &

ex-Head of Partnerships

Global Sisters


Mona Mahamed

Mother of 6!


CSS Incorporated

I am a mother of six children and the CEO of a not for profit organisation, supporting vulnerable women in my community. My progress while coaching with Gabrielle has been fast, deep and meaningful.

Working with Gabrielle has helped my career and business immensely. It has given me clarity and helped me grow as a professional. The coaching provided a holistic view of my career and family. With this new perspective, I was able to work through priorities so, I could move forward and achieve my goals both at home and at work. I now feel more confident to make the right decisions for myself, my family and the business.

Gabrielle clearly understands the challenges that mothers and women face as they navigate family and career. I felt comfortable to share my emotions and connect deeply with her and this helped me get to the heart of challenges. 

I feel empowered, in control and confident! I look forward to continuing coaching with her.


Grescha Brewer

Mother of 2

Co-Founder and Director of Honey Bee Homes

I worked with Gab during a period of time where I was struggling with supporting my teenage children as well as starting up a new business venture.


As many women do, I was trying to be everything to everybody. I was in need of systems and better tools to organise my time to effectively manage the increasing challenges, as well as factoring in the incredibly important self-time.

To be able to talk about fears and be vulnerable when trying to be professional in a start-up business and how to factor in time for the children has been so amazing.

It has enabled clarity and understanding of the next steps required. Gabrielle has such extensive knowledge that she draws from. The experience has been truly life-changing.

Find your purpose after becoming a mother with Gabrielle Gleeson

Kate Reed


BA, GradDip (Counselling)

MA (Counselling) 

Certificate SomPsy

Gabrielle Gleeson supported me through a period of great change both professionally and personally.

Gab was the perfect combination of compassionate mentor and goal setting champion and our weekly sessions allowed me to get really clear on where I was heading and how to get myself there. In particular she helped me with some very tricky career negotiations which helped me achieve an excellent outcome.

She has a deep intuitive wisdom and knew when to allow me space to process my thoughts and when to lovingly kick my butt into action if I was procrastinating.

I achieved so much more that i would ever had alone, with her steady guidance and recommendations.

As an added benefit - Gab has a wicked sense of humour and while the territory we covered was at times quite deep and profound - we also had a lot of fun.

If you are looking to improve the quality of your life and are committed to making changes  - I highly recommend Gab as your coach. Your life will be better for it!

Strategies to balance work and parenting with Sydney based coach Gabrielle Gleeson

Danielle Shirley

Mother & Founder of Naturally Home

Registered Pharmacist & Herbalist

Gabrielle Gleeson is one of the most emotionally intelligent women I know.

She listens, she hears and empathetically understands women and the challenges they are facing in this fast pace world.

She then springs into action in a creative partnership, to help you move forward. 

Gabrielle has inspired me to find the confidence to achieve success in my wellness business beyond what I though was possible. 

She formulated unique strategies to help remove personal stumbling blocks and created a plan for me to achieve success, both at work and at home. She was able to articulate a realistic plan and has filled me with confidence I did not know I had.

If you are looking to awaken your true potential, then Gabrielle is definitely your girl!

Best Business and Career Coach for women in Sydney

Jemma Rivera 

Founder & Director of

Jing Life

I consider myself to be fortunate to work with Gabrielle Gleeson who has a heart of gold and passion for assisting women to fulfil their dreams.

Gabrielle came into my life when I needed her to assist me in clarifying, defining and executing the tasks I needed to get done to fulfil my goals.

She is an exceptional mentor who offers great expertise, wisdom and passion. She has ushered me into a place of confidence, motivation and refinement in my business.

Gabrielle has the sensibility to support anyone whether they are starting out or established in their business and who are desiring to take their vision to the next level. I consider her to be an asset to anyone’s pursuit of excellence.

Recommend a business and career coach for mothers trying to find purpose and make money.

Theresa Poole

Mother & Entrepreneur 

Spiritual Teacher

Working with Gabrielle is like having your best friend by your side.  You know, the one who tells you like it is and won’t let you shy away from the truth.  She’s the one who listens and actually hears, not only your words but the unspoken ideas and thoughts that swirl around in your head looking for a way to escape the turmoil and find their place in the light of clarity.  


This is what I found to be one of Gabrielles' greatest gifts to me - the gift of being heard, and understood.  She was able to take my confused mess of mis-direction, clouded thinking, lack of strategies and the procrastination techniques I had elevated to an art form, and turn my ramblings into focus.  The support, action steps and guidance she gave me created so much space for me to ease forward with confidence. 

Gabrielle understood my vision as well as my very real need to have a clear direction to be able to move towards a financially supportive business position.   Almost 5 months after our coaching sessions, I still use daily the tools she shared with me.

Her support, guidance and confidence came at a critical time for me, and having felt stressed and in crises, I relaxed into Gabrielles' belief in my ability.  What she left me with is confidence, direction, clarity and very real tools to make my vision a reality.

Review Gabrielle Gleeson, experienced business and career coach in Northern Sydney

Maria Doyle


Teacher Trainer &

Curriculum Developer

Working with Gabrielle has really made me sit up and start taking action. I've spent a lot of time developing my business foundations and now am ready to really start selling what I do and I know that's not a skill set that I'm very confident with - especially when it comes to selling myself!

Gabrielle has years of experience and it shows - she understands sales and marketing at a very deep level and is able to pinpoint what part of the process you're really struggling with, and give you personalised action plans that will help you achieve what you're setting out to do.

She's supportive, understanding and has an honest, no BS approach which I love - I don't beat around the bush and I love having a sales mentor who works in the same way! 

Intuitive coach for women starting a new business

Trinity Scarf


Ask Trinity Wellness Travel

I feel very fortunate to have worked with Gabrielle as a coach in recent months. Her intuitive understanding and guidance has given me some welcome clarity and direction on a whole range of issues.

In the early days of navigating a new business, Gab has been a consistent and refreshing support and seems to be able to always pull out just the right trick or tool to help me flip challenges into opportunities.

Importantly, each session has been fun, with healthy doses of laughs, and leaving me feeling lighter and clearer each time. I would highly recommend Gab for anyone looking to take their career, health or life to the next level.

Jo Bell Cummings 2.jpeg

Jo Bell Cummings

Mother and Entrepreneur

I feel very fortunate to have worked with Gabrielle Gleeson. She is passionate about empowering women to achieve their dreams in their business as well as in their personal life.

Gab has an honest and professional approach and her years of experience in her field of work are clearly evident.

She has a gift for dreaming big as well as being able to focus on the details. Gab has helped pinpoint areas of my business that needed rejuvenating, strengthening the foundations of my business to ensure longevity. Her input has encouraged me to feel more confident in my skills and has helped me broaden what I offer. Additionally, she has suggested unique and practical action steps to ensure that I am able to move forward with clarity, motivation and good business sense.

If you are seeking support and the guidance of a mentor to assist you in truly awakening your potential within your personal or professional life, I would absolutely recommend Gab.

Amanda P

Mother and Property Developer Sydney

I would highly recommend Gabrielle Gleeson services.  I was lacking confidence about re-entering the workforce after spending over 16 years at home looking after my family.  I was very unsure about how employable I was and whether my skills were still relevant.  


Gabrielle helped me identify my core strengths and gave me the encouragement and confidence to return to work.  


As a busy mother herself I loved that she understood the many roles that mothers juggle and helped me deal with the guilt I felt with returning to work.  


She is incredibly engaging and very matter of fact which I appreciated.  She is a wonderful mentor and confidant.


Strategic Coaching and Consulting specialising in

Returning To Work After Maternity Leave with Gabrielle Gleeson

Returning To Work After Maternity Leave with Gabrielle Gleeson


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