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Providing your staff with support during Maternity and Paternity Transition is vital to ensure they can effectively and efficiently navigate the changing demands as a new parent. 



An integrative and holistic approach to wellness is paramount for optimum productivity, success and peak performance at all stages in life, particularly when balancing parental transitions with the demands of a career. As an employer the investment in supporting team members as they go through major life changes, such as becoming a new parent, is often rewarded with better employee commitment, productivity and enhancement of a positive working culture.


When we have children, everything changes: our bodies, our emotions, our time, our focus and our priorities.  It is not uncommon for parents, particularly mothers in the transition to and from leave, to feel a sense of overwhelm, fatigue and stress, and this impacts on their wellbeing both at home and work.


Transition coaching provides confidential and objective support for parents to transition smoothly from career to parenthood and back. Support strategies and holistic wellness tools ensure your staff feel empowered and confident during this important time of their life. Sessions are personalised and uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual. A holistic approach to supporting team members in their transition through parental leave and after return to work creates positive, lasting change for the better. BETTER FOR PARENTS AND BETTER FOR BUSINESS.




  • Assisting with the practical demands of pregnancy and work handover prior to birth.

  • Nurturing holistic wellness through nutrition strategies, stress and sleep management skills and time management strategies.

  • Establishing a family and personal routine to optimise efficiency and order.

  • Setting realistic and attainable value based goals around return to work.

  • Coaching in negotiation and communication skills for creating mutually beneficial outcomes that support the business and the individual.

  • Creating a support network that helps you achieve your goals at work and at home.



  • Introductory complimentary session with client – This ensures that should staff chose to embark on the program both the coach and the participant feel there is a good fit for greatest effect.

  • 6 x 50 min weekly one-on-one online coaching sessions (weekly or fortnightly options available).

  • Health history assessment.

  • Customised tools and resources as needed.

  • Reasonable email access.

  • Access to a bank of referral partners for specialised services as needed.

  • Program can be implemented pre-baby, during leave or on return to work.


Gabrielle Gleeson supported me through a period of great change both professionally and personally.

Gab was the perfect combination of compassionate mentor and goal setting champion and our weekly sessions allowed me to get really clear on where I was heading and how to get myself there. In particular she helped me with some very tricky career negotiations which helped me achieve an excellent outcome.

She has a deep intuitive wisdom and knew when to allow me space to process my thoughts and when to lovingly kick my butt into action if I was procrastinating. I achieved so much more that i would ever had alone, with her steady guidance and recommendations.

As an added benefit - Gab has a wicked sense of humour and while the territory we covered was at times quite deep and profound - we also had a lot of fun.

If you are looking to improve the quality of your life and are committed to making changes  - I highly recommend Gab as your coach. Your life will be better for it!

Natalie Kooyman 

AMP Capital

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