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-awaken your potential-


Awaken Mama is career coaching for mothers ready to reignite their passion and purpose.

It is not uncommon for women who have cared for children for many years to feel a sense of uncertainty and lack of confidence as they navigate the terrain of returning to work or creating a business from home. Women desire the benefits of financial independence and the sense of achievement that comes from building a career or business but problems occur without the tools and strategies to make it work with their family commitments. There can be confusion over how to juggle the needs of those around them and how to know which options are really viable. Stress and anxiety can occur, leading to inaction and a sense of overwhelm and disappointment.


Awaken Mama provides confidential and objective support to manage these challenges so women can transition smoothly to this new phase of motherhood and career. Each program is tailored to support the unique and individual needs of each woman, helping them to feel empowered and inspired to create real and lasting change for the better.

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Awaken Mama provides support in:

  • Holistic wellness strategies

  • Establishing a routine to support both family and career needs

  • Time management skills

  • Communication strategies to negotiate effectively with partners, carers and colleagues or employers

  • Implementing strategies for self-care

  • Creating an effective support network


Do you want to feel empowered, financially independent, respected and successful? Hell yeah! Who doesn’t, right?


Are you one of many women who know deep down they have something more to offer the world? But like many do you lack the confidence or know-how to take the steps necessary to get your business off the ground or pursue the passion for something you wish you could earn an income from?


Have you let an amazing part of yourself rest or even fall asleep while you take care of everyone else’s needs and expectations of you? 


Maybe you’re a mum and you’ve put your career or passion to the side while you take care of the family.


Maybe you’re a woman who has worked in corporate but really dreams of running your own business or working in an industry more aligned to your own values and beliefs.


Maybe you have a passion or a hobby but don’t know how to turn it into a profitable business.


Or, maybe you’ve just forgotten that you are someone. Someone who is worth something more than you are feeling right now.


I can tell you it is entirely possible to have a flexible career that ensures you are financially independent and one where you enjoy what you do, all while making a difference in the world and making a living. Now, more than ever, women are perfectly positioned to strive for and achieve whatever goals they set themselves. It is possible to do this while enjoying motherhood and family care.


I am a mother of four (step mum of 2). I have worked in corporate full-time and part-time. I’ve been a stay-at-home mum and a work-from-home mum. I know that it can be hard to decide which option will work best for you as a woman but I also know that, for me, financial independence is imperative to feeling free and happy.


It can be scary to step up, prioritise yourself and go after your dreams, especially if you have almost forgotten what they are. It can be scary if you don’t know where to begin. But if you don’t go for it now, then when?


I help women just like you awaken their full potential, as so few can do it alone. With support strategies and holistic wellness tools, you’ll feel empowered and confident. Ready to make a living while making a difference—and balancing your career with your family.


When you imagine how your life would look if you made this happen, how much happier you would feel, and how rewarding your life would be, the real question isn’t ‘are you ready to awaken your full potential?’


The question becomes ‘can you afford the risk of not awakening it…’


If you would like to begin with a confidential chat about how we might work together. I offer a number of complimentary spots weekly, I look forward to connecting.

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