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Do you have a desire to start a business or do you have a small business you would like to develop further?


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Starting or running a small business can be daunting, confusing and scary at times. If you’re a solopreneur it can also be lonely. If you feel like you’re not making the money you need and your plan isn’t panning out quite how you’d hoped, you’re not alone. Being an entrepreneur means being a Jack-of-all-trades sometimes but it’s risky to go it alone when it comes to business development and growth strategies, especially if your expertise isn’t sales and business development.



  • Perhaps you’ve dreamed of running a business from home but don’t quite know where to begin.


  • Are you looking to supplement your household income whilst you’re at home looking after your family?


  • Do you have a business that isn’t growing at the rate you want or perhaps need?


  • Do you have lots of ideas but not the right business experience to turn concepts into an income?


  • Do you work alone and need an objective expert to help you develop your business further?


  • Are you confused, frustrated and about to give up on the idea of running your own business because it’s just not working?



Business development strategies are essential to success.


Imagine having a complete picture of how the next 12 months of your business is going to look…


You’d feel confident and assured of your path. You’d know where to put your energy and focus because you’d be clear on where you’re headed.


Imagine having the conviction to overcome blocks and issues that arise in business?


Imagine having a confidential and objective discussion with someone who really understands business development and can provide the expert sounding board you need.


Imagine feeling confident that you had a formula for success.

How might your business look then?


If most of your time is spent working in your business and not working on your business, it’s very difficult for you to achieve your full potential. Understanding business development means having a strategy for growth. You can plan ahead, set realistic and achievable goals and create a dream business that’s in alignment with your values and with your other life priorities.



Step back and look at the bigger picture of your business and how it fits into your whole life. You are able to create a plan and set aligned goals, because success is measured in many ways beyond the bottom line.


When you approach your business growth strategy in keeping with personal needs, wants and holistic wellness, you begin to sculpt a career and an income that is congruent with the life you want to live. The more in alignment you are with your core desires, the better business feels. The better your business feels, the more success you will be.


In Awaken Business we co-create:

  • A big, bold vision for the success of your business, with realistic and measurable goals.


  • A plan for 3, 6 or 12 months to help you bust through blocks and build momentum in your business.


  • A strategic approach to business development and sales.


  • The identification of support structures to maximise potential.


  • Strategies for success beyond the bottom line.


  • Actionable next steps to ensure the business moves quickly in the direction of your dreams.


  • Anyone ready to find the courage to turn an idea into a business.


  • Passionate small business owners or entrepreneurs ready to take things to the next level.


  • Solopreneurs wanting to grow their business and increase confidence through collaboration.


  • People wanting to make a living while making a difference.


  • Smart business owners who know they need a plan and someone to hold them accountable.

Ready to get serious? Or even curious to know how we work together, get in touch now for a discovery session.

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